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Wearmouth-Jarrow in North East England is one of the most important historic sites in the world.   The twin Anglo-Saxon monastery is centred around St. Peter’s Church in Wearmouth, Sunderland and St. Paul’s Church in Jarrow, and was home to the Venerable Bede; a genius whose influences still remain today.

Fun stuff for kids

Fun stuff

There's plenty for kids to do around the twin monastery; pretend to be a monk at Bede's World or watch live glass blowing at the National Glass Centre.

There's fun to be had on this website as well.
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A story of unique characters who shaped the world we know today...

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Places to visit, with stories to tell...

Steeped in history, visit Wearmouth Jarrow's sites to learn of the characters who dwelt here, its immense historic significance and see original craftmanship that first started here before spreading across the country.

St. Paul's

St. Paul's

A living church. Visitors are welcome to explore this building. The chancel is a direct survival from the 7th century when it was a free-standing chapel in the monastery.

St. Peter's

St. Peter's

Built in 674AD by Benedict Biscop is one of the oldest churches in Britain. This is a place of worship and prayer, pilgrimage and mission.

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‘Angels and Avitars’ – ‘Animating the Visitor Experience’

Mon 25/3/2013

Bede’s World are pleased to announce a Heritage Lottery Fund grant for £311,000.00 to ‘Animate the Visitor Experience’ at the Anglo-Saxon Museum and Experimental Archaeological site at Jarrow.

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Bede's World Yeavering Ampitheatre Update

Mon 25/3/2013

The construction of the royal 7th century Yeavering  Amphitheatre will be the newest addition to the experimental 7th century landscape.  It is a unique feature which no other museum has attempted to recreate and one which will provide continuing opportunities to experiment in using this feature as an arena for performance. 

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Who decide's when it's Easter?

Thu 21/3/2013

It’s that time of year again when the shops are full of chocolate eggs and lent is almost over, but have you ever wondered why Easter varies from year to year?

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