St. Paul's Church

Top reasons to visit

  • Explore the 7th century chancel
  • See the original dedication stone
  • Walk around the remains of the excavated grounds

St. Paul's is a living church, the parish church of Jarrow, which visitors are welcome to explore. The chancel is a direct survival from the 7th century when it was a free-standing chapel in the monastery. Inside the church, cemented into the wall of the tower, is the original stone slab which records in a Latin inscription the dedication of the church on 23 April AD 685.

Visitors can also see a window of Anglo-Saxon stained glass, “Bede’s Chair”, several Fenwick Lawson sculptures including Bede and the Ascended Christ, monastic ruins, a display of Anglo-Saxon carved stones with vine/bird/animal tracery, and baluster stones. Come and stand in the church Bede knew and pray where Bede prayed

A gift shop in the church sells a variety of goods including: postcards, glassware, china, jewellery, guide books, crucifixes, preserves, cards, and a selection of books.

 History tours and pilgrimage services are available.


School groups wishing for an educational visit should book through Bede's World.


Audio tours:

English Heritage have audio tours of St. Paul's, just click here to listen, and download them if you wish.

St Paul's Church, Jarrow
7th century chancel at St Paul's Church
7th century chancel at St Paul's
7th century stained glass at St Paul's
7th century stained glass at St Paul's
St Paul's, Jarrow
St Paul's from the air
Reconstruction model showing St Paul's in 7th Century

Opening Times

Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm
Sunday – open for morning Eucharist (10.45am start unless notices state otherwise) then 2pm – 4pm for visitors


Groups wishing to visit, whether inside or outside normal opening times, should contact the verger (Mr Jimmy Guy) on 0191 489 6670.


St Paul's Church also houses a gift shop and displays of excavated artefacts and historical items.

A cafe is available in nearby Jarrow Hall, part of Bede's World.


Contact us


St Paul's Church, Church Bank, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, NE32 3DZ


St Paul's Church – 0191 489 7052
Parish Office - 0191 489 1925 /
Rector – 0191 489 3279 /

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